Saturday, June 13, 2009


As I am working away on non-school related art.. I've stumbled upon a few ideas of photography projects. One is on the editing table right now, keep looking at for photography work. (AND COMMENT!)

Here's a few favorites:

(I do miss the old days.)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My website is designed and soon will be functioning at full-speed. Here is a peak at the design - stay tuned for the official launch date!

Starfucker Tshirt.

Starfucker may be my favorite band to date. It was with great enthusiasm that I had the chance to design a t-shirt for a contest. My design made the final-cut, which filled my heart with joy. See other designers submissions and read a bit about the contest at

Senior Art Show Flyers.

I was honored when I was picked by my peers to do the flyers for our Senior Art Show which was open from April 24 - May 8th 2009. The Flyers went out to hundreds of students, faculty, family, friends, businesses, schools, alumni, and many more. Right on. Below is the poster that was based off another design I did for our postcards.

Cartwright Graphics.

A sample from my time working as a designer for the University of Wisconsin La Crosse.

Faulty Camera Tshirts.

T-shirt design for my proposed free-lance website. Thanks again to the ever-so-talented Chris Koza for lending his face. Listen to his music at


Awhile back I did some logos for an amazing sustainable architecture company known as Whole Trees. Included in this post is also a mock-up logo I did for a women's perfume. YAY LOGOS!

The Modern Antiques. CDs.

The EP album was a huge success - available on itunes for purchase. Also included in this post is the full album artwork. The EP came with a choice of 4 CD designs that the customer could pick between if they picked up a hardcopy. Find out more at!

CD choices for EP Neon Heart.

EP Cover.

Cover. Insert (Middle). Tray (Bottom).

Hives Inquiry Squad

This hip-hop band based out of Portland, OR holds a special place in my heart. A sample of some graphic works done for a few shows in La Crosse, WI. Hear their music at


Awhile back (March 8, 2008) I did an individual exhibit at a business in La Crosse, WI known as Bluff Land Bloom and Brew. The series of photographs (and a bit o' graphics) showcased images taken to help me cope with some pretty serious health conditions. The exhibit 'Emerge' really helped me to understand why my body was hurting itself, among other things. Here's a sample of the less 'graphic' images.

The Modern Antiques. T-SHIRTS!

Chris Koza + great tshirt = mmmm. Available for purchase at (The shirt, not the Koza, that is.)

Modern Antique Posters.

The Modern Antiques - great band, great music. Check them out at or Let's not forget that their album is available on itunes, complimented with art by yours truely. Enjoy!